The length of a longboard dancer deck is often an issue amongst riders. Some like their dancers rather short to be more agile, some like them a little longer to have enough space to move around on their deck. The quinboards fourfour unites the best of both worlds: With 112cm (44“) of length it is suitable for flip tricks of all kinds and has a great pop but still offers enough space to do your boardwalking and classic dancing steps. The fourfour is espacially designed for riders who want to enjoy the great flow of a long dancing deck while also being able to do all sorts of freestyle tricks.


The CNC-milled wheel-wells give you enough clearance for medium sized wheels while the rocker provides great stability. The fourfour is built with a unique combination of ash, maple, glas fiber and carbon fiber which makes it extremely durable. Due to this construction the fourfour will keep its pop even after months of extreme shredding.  


You can get this beauty in either red, blue, green, black or with the Halftone artwork done by designer Nico Agnello.

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Fourfour Specs

  • Length: 111,7 cm (44")
  • Width: 24 cm (9.5")
  • Wheelbase: 69 - 72 cm (27 - 28.3")
  • Features: rocker, concave, symmetrical
  • Construction: Ash, Maples, carbon fiber, glas fiber