Spinning Top

Spinning Top

Alongside the Buck Spencer, the Spinning Top is the second thoroughbred race deck in our 2016 quinboards line-up. It was designed in close cooperation with our downhill team and most notably our team rider Jan Saraiva. This deck is a downright downhill machine. For the 2017 version we have added cnc milled wheel wells to get more wheels clearance for you guys. Furthermore the Spinning top got a new design for this season.

Buckle up, introducing the features

Its bundle of extra features makes the Spinning Top one of the most elaborate downhill decks on the market. In addition to an aggressive yet enjoyable concave, the Spinning Top offers double flares in combination with petering out w-hills that will always give you a hotsy-totsy foothold. Your foot is supported perfectly at all times letting you feel almost relaxed once you have made it down the hill.

A modern shape carried by stylish artwork

The symmetrical cutout shape of the Spinning Top is absolutely up to date and even if looks are of secondary importance we are glad about the fierce artwork that designer Nico Agnello whipped up for the deck. The Spinning Top is also available in familiar plain black for everyone who is more of an understatement kind of guy.

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In a nutshell

Spinning Top Specs

  • Length: 91 cm (35.8")
  • Width: 24,75 cm (9.7")
  • Wheelbase: 64 - 68 cm (25.2 - 26.8")
  • Features: concave, double-flares, symmetrical, cutout shape, "w-bumps" 
  • Construction: Ash, maple, carbon fiber, glas fiber