Hound Dog

Hound Dog

The Hound Dog, a beautiful single kick freerider, beefed up the 2016 quinboards line-up. You could get this great deck in classic black or with an artwork designed by Nico Agnello.  For 2017, the Hound Dog comes with an all new design and cnc milled wheel-wells giving you even more opportunities to choose your setup. This makes the Hound Dog a real freeride monster.

Fast freeriding and laid-back sliding

The Hound Dog is perfect for fast freeriding runs that also include technical sliding variations. The bold concave and the flares provide a great orientation on the board. Because of its torsion stiffness this deck is also suitable for high speed giving you an even wider range in the downhill department.

The kicktail tops it off

While the kicktail is needed for technical slides during freeriding, it assists easy maneuvering in urban areas and conquering one or two curbs with an Ollie. All of this makes the Hound Dog an allrounder longboard that won’t fail you in everyday life.



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In a nutshell

Hound Dog Specs

  • Length: 92 cm (36.2")
  • Width: 24 cm (9.4")
  • Wheelbase: 60 - 65 cm (23.6 - 25.6")
  • Features: concave, wheel-flares, wheel-whells, symmetrical, kicktail 
  • Construction: Ash, Maple, carbon fiber, glas fiber