Easy Rider

This natural beauty with its 102cm (40.2“) of length and 24cm (9.4“) of width could be called the embodiment of a laid back cruiser longboard. The slight camber provides a unique flex and will give you a smooth ride even on bumpy or dirty roads.   

The CNC-milled drop-throughs make the EasyRider a literally easy-to-ride Longboard, positioning you closer to the ground and therefore guaranteeing a stable and safe ride. Another special feature are the wheel-flares which will help you find the ideal position on the board and also make it easy to slide. 

The radiused edges create a deck that is a lot sturdier than others ensuring a lot of fun with a made-to-last board. The quinboards EasyRider is the perfect longboard for ambitious beginners and advanced level riders who enjoy perfectly mellow longboarding and want to take their first steps into sliding.

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In a nutshell

Hard Facts

  • Length: 102 cm (40,2")
  • Width: 24 cm (9,4")
  • Wheelbase: 71 cm (28,0")
  • Features: camber, concave, symmetrical, drop-through, wheel-flares
  • Aufbau: Ash, glas fiber