Mini-Me | Micro-Me

Our all new mini-cruisers are the ideal way to get around in an urban environment. They are the perfect companion for those short distances you have to travel from the subway or bus stop to your destination. Due to their weight and size they are easily strapped to almost any backpack so you do not have to worry about carrying them when you hop on a train.

The kicktail gives them a great pop so you can ollie over the numerous little obstacles on your way through the city and even if you do not feel save with the ollie yet: The short wheelbase makes our mini-cruisers extremely agile so can manouver around anything that gets in your way.

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In a nutshell



  • Length: 60cm (24")
  • Width: 22cm (8.6")
  • Wheelbase: 31 - 34cm (12.2 - 13.4")
  • Features: concave, kickt-tail
  • Construction: Ash, glas fiber



  • Length: 75cm (30")
  • Width: 23cm (9")
  • Wheelbase: 39 - 41cm (15.4 - 16.1")
  • Features: concave, kickt-tail
  • Construction: Ash, glas fiber